RS Woodwinds

Superior Quality Specialty Woodwind Repair Services, Accessories, and Consignments

Quality Woodwind Repairs & Maintenance

RS Woodwinds is a full-service band and orchestra repair shop specializing in woodwind instruments. We are Straubinger pad certified. Quality work, quick turnaround, and flexible hours that include weekends.

Custom, Expert Repairs

Finest repair shop with over 30 years of experience from both the performance and repair aspects of musical excellence. RS Woodwinds is able to handle any repair on woodwind instruments.

Consignment Bassoons and other Woodwind Instruments

Find a good home for your instrument!
Purchase a good quality previously owned instrument!

Private Lessons

Ryan is the best teacher I have ever had. Since starting lessons with him in 2011, he has taught me everything I know about the bassoon. From making reeds to the importance of long tones and scales, he has given me the tools I need (sometimes literally) to become the bassoonist I am today.

Throughout these past 8 years, I have grown to know him as both a mentor and a person. He’s incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable, and I’m honored that I’ve been able to be his student for as long as I’ve been.

– Amanda