Services Offered include:

Annual Deep Cleaning, Oil, Conditioning

Adjustments- mechanisms, pad heights, etc.

Replacement pads, corks, felts, etc

(We use the best quality pads available)

Basic check-ups ( includes cost of pads.)

Dent removal, Crack Repair

Head joint fitting, corks

Key extensions, soldering / machining

Tone hole repair

Complete Overhaul, Refinishing

Mouthpiece refacing & customization

If you don't see what you are looking for please ask as not all services/ procedures are listed.
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Rates are not posted. Some procedures have a fixed price & for other services, hourly charges apply. For specific price information, please contact us directly.

For all repairs, you will be provided with an estimate which includes time and materials. You will not be charged more than your estimate without your prior approval, and all work is guaranteed.

RS Woodwinds is dedicated to using top quality materials for all customers, and play tested throughout the servicing to provide the best results for every instrument.
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