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RS Woodwinds uses specialized tools, experience, knowledge, and passion for music performance to put your trusted woodwind in tip top condition. When you arrive for a rehearsal or a concert your only concern should be channeling your music knowledge and preparedness, supported by a perfectly functioning instrument.

Some of the repair services provided

Complete Overhaul

Remove all pads and bumper corks, polish instrument, oil wood if necessary. Buff keys, replace pads and bumper felts and corks, reassemble and play test. This is the most extensive repair. Contact for price.

Headjoint Fitting & Corks

Flute headjoints should be snug but not tight. Using the proper tools to make the fit just right. Headjoint corks should be changed yearly, and adjusted to the right placement. Dent removal and Crack Repair, Flutes can be dented or have slight bends in the headjoint or body, these can be removed. Cracks in wooden instruments can be pinned, glued or carbon banded.

Minor Adjustments

Includes re-seating existing pads and/or correcting the linkage relations with the keys.

Major Adjustments

Includes some new pads, correcting the mechanism so that the keys move freely with little to no extra motion and the screws fit properly.

Dent Removal & Crack Repair

Contact RS Woodwinds for details.

Key Extensions

Custom key extensions can be fabricated out of various metals and other materials. There are many options for customizing for short fingers other reasons.

Tone hole repair is a common process with woodwinds. Wood can become chipped or not have the proper seat for a pad to cover correctly. Metal tone holes can be uneven, not level, or have the wrong face or taper. All of these things can cause an instrument to not play to its potential.

Straubinger Pad Certified

Ryan Simmons is Straubinger certified, having attended the rigorous certification training. Ryan learned from Mr. Straubinger himself the correct process for setting up a flute for his precision pads.

Tone Hole Repair

Contact RS Woodwinds for details.

Voicing and Tuning

Can be done for certain notes on clarinets, oboes, bassoons. This is done with the customer as a collaborative effort. No tuning will be done without the player present, and only with their consent.

Bassoon Tuning and Voicing

Not many bassoons are perfectly in tune from the factory. Voicing is usually done after the instrument is repaired and sealed to very high tolerances. There are many ways to adjust the the tendencies of notes a bassoon, and to make sure that it is even and responsive. All makes of bassoons, even brand new Heckels can need a little bit of work.

How Can RS Woodwinds Help?

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From completely replacing all metal components of your woodwind instrument, to minor spring adjustments, to partial or full re-padding, RS Woodwinds is your one-stop repair shop.

Your Instrument is in Good Hands

Mr. Simmons’ experience with professional woodwind repair and refinishing includes top quality instruments such as Brannen, Powell, & Haynes flutes; Haynes, Burkart , & Powell piccolos; Heckel, & Puchner Bassoons; Mollenhauer Contra bassoons; Loree english horns & oboes; Buffet clarinets & bass clarinets; & vintage Selmer Saxophones.

Service Guarantee

For all work requested, an estimate will be provided which includes time and materials. You will not be charged more than your estimate without your prior approval, and all work is guaranteed.

Superior Specialty Services

Woodwinds is committed to providing superior quality specialty woodwind repair services in the San Diego and Southern California region. Attention to detail and precision has earned RS Woodwinds accolades from many satisfied colleagues and clients.

Top Quality Materials

RS Woodwinds is dedicated to using top quality materials for all customers, and play tested throughout the servicing to provide the best results for every instrument.

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